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Auction - Bidding on an auction is done in specified increments. The user with the highest sucessfull bid "wins" the auction and the ability to purchase the item. Auctions use Proxy Bidding (see definition below).

Reverse Auction - A reverse auction is an auction in which the roles of buyer and seller are reversed. Typically, a reverse auction starts when a buyer wishes to purchase an item (such as a textbook). In a reverse auction, there would be one buyer and sellers would compete to obtain business from the buyer. Prices will typically decrease as the sellers undercut each other.

Fixed Price Item - All Fixed Price items are Buy Now.

Trade - To trade an item, begin by making a trade offer. The "Seller" can Accept or Decline your offer. If your offer is declined the "Seller" might send a counter offer. You can make multiple offers on any Trade listing. There are no bidding or buy now features.

Classified Ad - To purchase an item listed in a classified ad you begin by contacting the Seller with your offer. There are no bidding or buy now features.

Proxy Bidding - An automatic method of bidding that increases your bid to the next lowest price when another user bids on the same item. Your bid is increased until your maximum bid amount is reached or the auction ends.

Ask The Seller - At the bottom of every listing there is a "Comments" section where you can ask the Seller a question, or view previous questions from other users.

When submitting a question to a Seller, the message gets sent directly to their email address on file. The Seller can respond by following the link in the email.

To ask the Seller a question:


  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to the Item listing.
  3. Scroll down to the section marked "Comments."
  4. Click the text "Ask the seller a question." This will take you to a Contact User form.
  5. Enter your message.
  6. Click "Send" button.


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